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Documents: 2007 Policy Directives

#07-12-ELI: Social Security Numbers For Noncitizens
This PD replaces PD #06-15-ELI and PB #06-63-ELI. This PD has been revised to:
* inform staff that the Noncitizen Referral to SSA for a Social Security Number Application (Attachment A) is now obsolete and has been replaced with two individual referrals: one for a noncitizen who has been deemed eligible for Family Assistance (FA), Medical Assistance (MA) and/or food stamps (FS) (Attachment B), and another for noncitizens who have been deemed eligible for Safety Net Assistance (SNA) only (Attachment C);
* include additional instructions regarding the denial of a Social Security number (SSN) to certain noncitizens and provide a sample denial notice (Attachment E);
* remind staff that the following procedures were declared obsolete prior to the publication of this directive:
 PB #04-171-ELI
 PD #06-09-ELI
 PD #04-19-ELI
 PD #03-24-ELI
 PD #03-11-ELI


Created: 4/23/2007