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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-42-SYS: Good Cause Not Granted At Conciliation

This PB instructs staff that sanctions will be posted sooner on the system now for clients who appear at conciliations but who do not establish good cause for not complying with a work requirement. 

Currently, when a client fails to comply (FTC) with a work requirement, a notice of conciliation appointment is sent to the client * to give the client an opportunity to explain why she did not comply.  If the client can't keep the conciliation appt listed on the notice she can come to the center any day up to the expiration day of the notice ("generally up to 14 days from the date of the notice).  A conciliation code is posted in NYCWAY with a Future Action Date of up to 14 days (equal to the expiration date of the conciliation notice).  If the client does not report to the Center before the Future Action Date expires, NYCWAY sends a sanction to WMS and a Notice of Intent is generated to reduce or close the client's case. 

If the client keeps the conciliation appointment, but the workers does not find good cause for the failure to comply (FTC)  with the work requirement, the conciliation worker will post code 830 (Good Cause Not Granted) in NYCWAY.  However, the sanction will not post until the conciliation Future Action Date has expired.  This PD explains that effective immediately, when a worker posts post code 830 (Good Cause Not Granted) in NYCWAY, NYCWAY will send the sanction to WMS immediately without waiting for the conciliation FAD to expire, and the Notice of Intent will be generated to reduce or close the case.



Created: 4/2/2007