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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-36-OPE: Revisions To Forms W-113K AND W-119D

HRA has revised its form which lists documents that are required to maintain eligibility.  PB 07-36 OPE notes these changes and attaches the revised forms.  Please note at least two disability-related issues in this PB:

1)  at page 2 of form 2-113K, HRA lists three types of appts which its says it may require a person to attend in person (but does not give any other options for fulfilling these appts any way other than in-person at the center.)

2)  at page 2, the notice says that some things may be mailed to the center,  but includes no instructions on how to reliably accomplish such a mailing (address to worker?  return envelope? suggest sending via return receipt?) Specifically, the notice says at the bottom of page two that:

If this notice does not indicate that you (casehead) must see the Worker upon return, you may submit any required documents/information by mail. However, it remains your responsibility to ensure that the required information reaches the Agency by the prescribed deadline.   (emphasis added) FAILURE TO SUBMIT VERIFICATION/DOCUMENTATION OR CONTACT US ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE MAY MAKE YOU INELIGIBLE FOR PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND/OR FOOD STAMPS, OR MAY CAUSE A REDUCTION IN YOUR PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND/OR NPA FOOD STAMP BENEFITS FOR A SPECIFIC PERIOD OF TIME.



Created: 3/28/2007