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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-35-SYS: Automated Address Match

Clients in DHS shelters have had problems with HRA notices because HRA does not update their addresses so that notices go to the right place.  This PB says that now the address changes will be automated for DHS clients who move from one DHS facility to another, but this will only happen once a month.  It is not clear whether clients are protected before the change is entered.  the PB says:

"JOS/Workers must be aware that if there is a pending action clocking down on a case selected for the address update, the address update will error out and appear on the Daily Error Report (WINRO125) under the JOS/Worker assigned to that caseload. This error can be identified by error number E1955, “Budget already clocking down” and Authorization number 00333809."



Created: 3/28/2007