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Documents: 2007 Policy Directives

#07-08-SYS: Welfare Management System (WMS) Software Release Version 2007.1

According to HRA, the WMS software release for 2007.1 "migrated to production on February 20, 2007" and includes the following changes:

* New Public Assistance (PA) Opening Codes for cases going from Applying (AP) to Single Issue (SI) status
* New PA Opening Codes for cases going from AP to Accepted
(AC) status
* New PA Code for Rejecting and Closing a PA Case
* Modification to PA and Medical Assistance (MA) Case Closing and Line Sanction Codes
* Automated Closing of Deceased Participants Still Active on WMS
* Revision to Edits for Automated Separate FS Determination Processing
* Fix to Budgeting of Shelter Proration Indicator O (Budgets A Zero PA Shelter Allowance For Single Suffix Cases Or Multi- Suffix Cases With Only One Active Suffix
* Extension of Budget Reduction Clock Down (Morel Expansion)
* Entry of Valid Bureau of Child Support (BCS) Indicator on Eligibility Transactions
* Update to Dependent Age Criteria for Earned Income Disregard
(EID) on Safety Net Cases
* Saving State Verification and Exchange System (SVES) Query Log for Three Years
* Creation of New Originating PA and MA Centers



Created: 3/8/2007
Updated: 3/9/2007