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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-29-EMP: Obsolete Employment-Related Procedures

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform staff that the following procedures are now obsolete for the reasons listed below:

Human Resources Administration (HRA) programs that were discontinued or replaced by new employment initiatives:

* PB #01-35-EMP New TANF Employment Call-In Wage Subsidy Jobs
* PB #02-51-ELI Workforce1 Career Centers
* PD #00-57 Red Hook Office
* PD #00-72 INVEST (Individual Vocational Educational Training Program Poster for Free Classes with the City University of New York
* PD #01-26 New TANF Employment Call-In: Wages- Subsidy Jobs
* PD #01-48-EMP INVEST/Job Start Training Program for Employed Participants
* PD #02-25-EMP Workforce Investment Act - Adult Intake and Eligibility Guidelines
* CD #01-16 Supplemental Transitional Work Support Program (STWSP)
* CD #02-17 Pilot Project: Concurrent Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment and HSS Referrals

Skills Assessment and Placement (SAP) and Employment Services Placement (ESP) vendors were replaced by Back to Work (BTW) Vendors:

* PB #02-223-OPE Substance Abuse Service Center (SASC) Referrals of Non-Exempt Substance Abuse Applicants to SAP
* PD #02-21-EMP Referrals to Special Population Vendors from the Residential Treatment Service Center
* PD #02-26-EMP Job Search Referrals for Individuals Approaching the 60-Month Time Limit on Cash Assistance
* PD #02-29-EMP Time Limit Wage Subsidized Job Opportunity Program

Employment Program Criteria has Changed:

* PB #00-18R Referrals to the POISED Program



Created: 3/8/2007