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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-21-OPE: Revisions To Form W-119

This policy bulletin is to inform Job Center and Non-Public Assistance (NPA) Food Stamp (FS) Office staff that the Request for Contact on a Food Stamp Application (W-119) has been revised.

The revisions are as follows:

* The title of the form has been changed from "Request for Contact on a Mailed or Faxed Application" to "Request for Contact on a Food Stamp Application" with the following subtitle:
"(To be used when a Food Stamp Application is dropped off in person and Expedited Food Stamp screening is not conducted, or on a mailed or faxed application)"

* The "Job Center" label in the form header has been changed to "Job Center/NPA FS Office," as the W-119 is now used at both Job Centers and NPA FS Offices.

* Language has been revised to clarify when Food Stamp benefits will be issued if the applicant is determined eligible for both expedited Food Stamp service and Food Stamp benefits from "within five (5) days" to "within five (5) calendar days of your application filing date."



Created: 3/2/2007