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Documents: 2014 Policy Directives

#14-02-SYS: Client Notices Susyem (CNS)

(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #09-13-SYS)

This policy directive is being revised to:
- Add Notice Entry screenshot for dependent child indicator.
- Add Periodic Reporting processes regarding CNS Notices.
- Add a statement that a SNAP Status and SNAP Reason code must be entered on the SNAP POS TAD.
- Add SNAP suffix reason codes in the ESNAP Issuance activity per SNAP POS.
- Add Retrieval of CNS Notice Number in SNAP TAD.
- Add a note that the M3E Indicator is locked down for SNAP except by designated staff.
- Add WMS Error Code 1562 (TAD code and Notice Code Do Not Match).
- Add a note indicating codes that do or do not require a notice or generate a notice cannot be used in the same transaction.
- Add Attachment C which provides details on the automated CNS Notice Creation SNAP Code Q22 (Expedited-Pending Verification).
- Remind Staff to refer to the CNS Manual for detailed information on CNS notices.



Created: 4/3/2014
Updated: 4/3/2014