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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-131-OPE: Revisions To Mandatory Notices

This PB announces changes to mandatory notices in NYC.  The application forms (LDSS 3152 NYC [Food Stamps] and LDSS 4013 A and B  NYC [PA, FS, MA]) and Recertification notices (LDSS 4014A and B NYC) now includes language about an Animal Population Control Program.  Those eligible for FS, MA or PA are eligible for a low cost program to get their cats or dogs spayed or neutered [I am not kidding].   The FS Overpayment letter (LDSS 3156 NYC) has some revised language and the recert forms now have language on how to get a child support sanction lifted:

"To Lift a Sanction for Non-cooperation with a Child Support Requirement A sanction for non-cooperation with a child support requirement is open-ended and will continue until ______________ contacts the Child Support Enforcement Unit and cooperates. When ______________ contacts the Child Support Enforcement Unit, he or she will be told what
action(s) must be taken to end the sanction. The sanction will end when he or she takes the required action(s). If _______________ did not cooperate but now wants to report a good reason for not cooperating with child support he or she should call ( )___________________.
Some examples of a good reason for not cooperating with child support are:
* fear of emotional or physical harm to you or the children in your family; or,
* the child was born due to rape or incest; or,
* the child is freed for adoption; or, you are now being assisted by an agency to determine whether to put the child up for adoption and discussions have not gone on for more than three months.
To find out more information about how to end the sanction, call ( )__________________."



Created: 10/3/2006
Updated: 12/22/2006