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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-136-SYS: NYCWAY Updates – Poised, FIA3A And Employability Plan
"The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform staff of the following updates made to NYCWAY: * New Action Codes for CUNY Staff for the POISED Program * Removal of 004 Option from Evidence of Employment/ Income Field in FIA3A * New Special Assessment Action Code 991C (Special Assessment Needed * Credibility Determination) * New Child Care Action Codes 133Z (Child Care in Place at No Cost to FIA) and 933Z (Child Care in Place at No Cost to FIA) * New Back to Work (BTW) Infraction Code 438Q (FTR/FTC Sanctioned BTW Assignment) * New Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) Referral Codes 16HR (Referral to WeCARE Review Board * Fair Hearing Result) and 16JR (Referral to WeCARE Review Board * Previous FCO)"

Check out these changes:

1) a set of new codes for the POISED program CUNY staff (various milestones)

2) new procedures [presumably related to the MKB litigation about battered immigrants] computer codes will indicate when "an applicant who is a battered Non Citizen without a Qualified Alien Status requires a Special Assessment appointment for a Credibility Determination of domestic violence for a non-citizen.

3) new WeCARE codes regarding "WeCARE review Board" [?] The Worker will be asked to select one of the following two codes to return the individual to WeCARE: * Action Code 16HR (Referral to WeCARE Review Board * Fair Hearing Result) should be selected only if the action is a result of a Fair Hearing mandate; * Action Code 16JR (Referral to WeCARE Review Board * Previous FCO) should be selected for all other instances."



Created: 10/2/2006