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Documents: 2013 Policy Directives

#13-26-ELI: Intentional Program Violations

(This Policy Directive Replaces PD # 00-18R)

This Policy Directive has been revised to inform staff that:
- Job Center and SNAP Center Workers are responsible to report suspected Intentional Program Violations (IPVs) to the Bureau of Fraud Investigation (BFI).
- the BFI referral process to report suspected fraudulent activity has been automated.
- the Cash Assistance (CA) and SNAP processing of IPVs has been combined into one process, with some exclusions.
- Job Center/SNAP Center Workers will contact SNAP-CR via email. Job Center/SNAP Center Workers cannot lift IPVs.
- the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Claims and Recovery (SNAP-CR) Unit, located at 98 Flatbush Avenue, 1st Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11217, will implement and lift all IPVs.
- SNAP-CR will take appropriate action and inform Center Staff so that they can make an eligibility determination.
- applicants/participants will receive a notice of disqualification for benefits when an IPV has been implemented.
- a message on the Turn-Around Document (TAD) is generated to alert the worker that an IPV action has been taken.



Created: 11/20/2013