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Documents: 2013 Policy Bulletins

#13-98-OPE: Revisions to The Inter-Agency Date of Status (DOS) and Date Entered Country (DEC) Transmittal (W-200B)

(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #13-47-OPE)

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to announce that the Inter Agency Date of Status (DOS) and Date Entered Country (DEC) Transmittal (W-200B) Form has been revised to:

- Make clear that the Worker¡¦s and Supervisor's first and last name must be printed; and
- Reflect that the AJOS II Immigrant Liaison in Job Centers and the Supervisor/Director's Designee in Non Cash Assistance (NCA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Centers have reviewed and approved the need for the W-200B.



Created: 11/20/2013