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Documents: 2013 Policy Directives

#13-24-OPE: Revisions to the Fair Hearing Decision Compliance Process

(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #06-20-OPE)

This policy directive has been revised to:
- Indicate the new office address and Fax number for the NCA SNAP CFH.
- Reorganize the Required Action section into CA and SNAP sections, and added additional information to the SNAP section.
- Inform staff that NCA SNAP has a CFH Unit that handles all NCA SNAP compliances.
- Include reference to Action Code 71CX (COMP CANCEL).
- Include instructions on processing Fair Hearing Compliance decisions with Child Care benefits and related issues.
- Provide details on the 7-20-25-30 day process for reviewing sample compliances of Fair Hearing decisions.
- Provide a statement that applicants/participants must return documents to the SNAP Center SSI Office S15.
- Update the Fair Hearing Tracking Sheet (W-186E) Section IIa process in Attachment A.
- Introduce the SNAP Cases Monitoring Report FH029 Form (FIA-1089[E]).



Created: 10/31/2013