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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-121-OPE: Revisions To FIA School/Training Enrollment Letter (W-700D)
The FIA School/Training Enrollment Letter (W-700D) has been revised as follows:

• the reference to the Child Care Provider Application (W-273B) in
the “Note” in Section I was changed to read “child care provider enrollment form”;
• information in Section I (C), “Notice to Public Assistance and Food Stamp Applicants/Participants Regarding Educational Grants and Expenses,” was updated to change the social service law citation from 18 NYCRR 352.22 to 18 NYCRR 387.11(f);
• the chart in Section II, which lists the breakdown of expenses and non-Title-IV-funded educational grants, loans and scholarships, is now marked section “C” and includes a line for Living Expenses. A note was added below the box to define what counts as living expenses;
• in Section III, “For Completion by FIA Worker” the items titled “monthly net income” and “semimonthly net income” were changed to read “monthly countable income” and “semimonthly countable income,” respectively.


Created: 9/19/2006