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Documents: 2012 Policy Directives

#12-22-ELI: Social Security Numbers for Noncitizens

(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #07-32-ELI)

This policy directive is being revised to indicate that Social Security Number (SSN) validation code N (State Benefit Eligible Alien) should be used for certain noncitizens, who by signing the Declaration of Application for a Social Security Number (EXP-83H) form, attest that they have applied for an SSN but do not have proof from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This group includes battered noncitizens, noncitizens who are eligible only for Safety Net Assistance (SNA) and/or state Medicaid, or noncitizens without an employment authorization document (EAD) who have been determined to be eligible for benefits under the Persons Residing Under the Color of Law (PRUCOL) category.

Additionally, federally-certified Human Trafficking Victims (HTVs) have been added to the list of noncitizen groups who may have the EXP-83H form accepted in lieu of documentation from SSA verifying that an application for an SSN has been made.



Created: 8/22/2012