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Documents: 2012 Policy Directives

#12-19-SYS: Welfare Management System (WMS) Software Release Version 2012.2

Changes that became effective with the June 18, 2012 release of WMS software version 2012.2 include:

• Discontinue the Reuse of Pending/Saved Budgets that were Authorized.
• New Veterans Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) Match File and WMS Update.
• Automate FS Client Notice System (CNS) Reason Codes E51 and E52 via PFS110FTPIN File.
• Closed Suffix Proration.
• Change in G10 CNS Closing Notice for Resp Center 37 with Orig Center 62.
• Fix Infraction Records (Rec) for Safety Net (SN) Cases with 18 & 19 Yr Old Children in School.
• Remove Edits Requiring Automated Finger Imaging System (AFIS) for FS.
• Add Application Source Code Field to Withdrawn Application Report and File.



Created: 7/6/2012