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Documents: 2012 Policy Directives

#12-14-EMP: Processing Substance Abuse Cases

(This Police Directive Replaces PD #02-11-EMP)

This policy directive has been updated to:
• Clarify instructions for sanctioning noncompliant Substance Abuse referred applicants/participants from Cash Assistance (CA) cases consisting of two or more household members.
• Provide instructions for manually completing the Action Taken on Your Application: Public Assistance, Food Stamp Benefits, Medical Assistance Coverage (NYC) (LDSS-4013A [NYC]) to sanction applicants/participants due to non-compliance with substance abuse requirements.
• Introduce the new Individual Sanction (ISAN) Worklist, which lists applicants (who are members of multi-person households) who are to be sanctioned due to noncompliance with Family Independence Administration’s (FIA) substance abuse assessment appointment.
• Revise the following forms with the current Human Resources Administration (HRA) logo and change references from public assistance to cash assistance:
.. Participant Rights and Responsibilities (M-75r)
.. Consent for Disclosure of Alcohol or Substance Abuse
Treatment Program Information and Records and Cash Assistance and Care Information and Records (M-75z)
• Revise the Referral for Substance Abuse Assessment (W-456AA) text and format so that it is a more versatile referral form.



Created: 5/23/2012
Updated: 5/23/2012