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Documents: 2012 Policy Bulletins

#12-18-OPE: Automated Finger Imaging System (AFIS) Freedom

(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #11-89-OPE)

This policy bulletin is to inform staff that the Automated Finger Imaging
System (AFIS) Directory (W-519N) has been revised as follows:
• The Refugee Center #47, formerly located at 2 Washington
Street, New York, NY is now located at 88 3rd Avenue, 1st
Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217.
• The Special Project Job Center #80 was added to the Manhattan
Section of the Directory and is located at 172 Water Street, 1st
Floor, New York, NY 10038.
• The Infoline telephone number has been changed to
(718) 557-1399.
• The W-519N now includes Job Centers that are not co-located
with an NCA FS Center.
• AFIS Freedom has been expanded to include all Non Cash
Assistance Food Stamp (NCA FS) applicants who are subject to
finger imaging requirements.
• NCA FS applicants are allowed to visit AFIS locations at Job
Centers to comply with finger imaging requirements.



Created: 3/12/2012