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Documents: 2011 Policy Bulletins

#11-90-ELI: Emergency assistance for households affected by Hurricane Irene

(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #11-87-ELI)

Revisions to the Original Policy Bulletin:

This policy bulletin has been revised to:

 Inform staff that the requests for replacement of food purchased with food stamps that has spoiled or become unavailable as a result of Hurricane Irene should continue to be accepted and processed until further notice. The 10 day reporting period is no longer in effect.

 Alert staff that the replacement issuances should be for the amount of the declared loss but may not exceed the amount of the FS benefit issuance provided to the household in August, 2011. If the most recent issuance was a combined expedited issuance for July and August or August and September, then the replacement issuance may not exceed the full amount of the combined expedited issuance.

 Inform staff that if the August issuances included a restored benefit issuance, then the full amount of the restored benefit issuance should be included when determining the maximum allowable replacement amount.

 Provide instructions for Control Section staff on the data entry of more than one document in a batch when using the designated Hurricane Irene authorization number 08282011.

 Remind staff that documentation of the loss of food purchased with FS is not required. Other losses due to Hurricane Irene such as the loss of clothing, furniture or household equipment still require documentation.



Created: 9/22/2011
Updated: 9/22/2011