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Documents: 2006 Policy Directives

#06-25-ELI: The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Attached is a brand new HRA policy directive on the ADA.  This one includes some actual worker procedures.
Among the items in this directive:

1.  Rescheduling appts
The directive instructs that "Individuals with disabilities may need to reschedule appointments for a number of disability-related reasons. The JOS/Worker must reschedule appointments because of such reasons whenever necessary. Appointments should be scheduled such that the number of return visits is minimized." 

2. Info about ADA rights
It requires workers to instruct clients of their rights under the ADA:
"JOS/Workers must inform applicants/participants with a physical or mental impairment, whether the impairment is self-disclosed or observed by the JOS/Worker, of their rights under the ADA to reasonable accommodation to access benefits, programs and services."

3.  Documenting disability
The directive says that good cause has to documented. (page 6, para 1) And the actual worker instructions are not so clear on this point.  See page 9 for the discussion of how the worker is supposed to document the
disability:  "POS Workers will document the disability by answering "Yes" to the "Has Daily Activity Limited because of an Illness/Temporary Disability or is Blind, Sick or Disabled?" question in the Medical window."   There is a pull down menu where disability documents are supposed to be noted, but it is not clear what documents are acceptable or what happens if a client does not have them on the spot.



Created: 8/25/2006
Updated: 8/2/2008