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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-97-ELI: Public Assistance Employment And Eligibility Requirements For Individuals Who Are Required To Apply For SSI
This PB is supposed to explain HRA's interpretation of new state directive, 06 ADM 06.  I have only scanned it * so please check this out for yourselves and compare this to the requirements of 06 ADM 06.  But my quick read is that the PB:  1) acknowledges that: "Individuals who are required to apply for SSI benefits as a condition of eligibility for PA are exempt from PA and FS work requirements."  BUT 2) provides no explanation of how HRA will interpret exactly which individuals are required as a condition of eligibility, to apply for SSI; and 3) also seems to imply that HRA can and still will do WeCARE evaluations to "confirm(s) the individual's employability status" --these evaluations will determine whether the individual is nonexempt and no longer required to apply for SSI as a condition of eligibility.   Wow.


Created: 8/3/2006