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Documents: 2011 Policy Bulletins

#11-66-OPE: Revisions To FIA School/Training Enrollment Letter (W-700D)
(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #06-121-OPE)
The information in this policy bulletin is for all staff in the Job Centers and Non Cash Assistance (NCA) Food Stamp (FS) Centers, and is informational for all others.

The FIA School/Training Enrollment Letter (W-700D) has been revised, as follows:
• Section II (A) was updated to include information for the applicant's student ID number;
• a line has been added in Section II (A) to determine if the applicant's school or training program is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program or higher educational degree;
• the line in Section II (A) questioning whether there has been a break in the enrollment period has been removed;
• lines have been added in Section II (A) referring to reenrollment and the applicant's grade point average;
• the codes "EXT" for externship and "FC" for Family College in Section II (B) have been removed;
• the line in Section II (C) calculating the number of externship hours per week has been removed;
• the second total calculation of Section II (C) has been changed from "II. B., line 4" to "II. C ., line 3";
• the "Note to HRA staff", in Section II (C) regarding the conversion of activity hours has been removed;
• a line has been added to Section II (D) specifying whether the program is sponsored by a voucher; and
• Sections III and IV, have been removed.

Job Center Directors and Food Stamp Center Managers must ensure that all prior versions of Form W-700D are removed from circulation and recycled.

Samples of the revised forms are attached.


Created: 7/24/2011