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Documents: 2011 Policy Directives

#11-22-OPE: Check Replacement For Restricted Shelter Payments
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #08-14-OPE)

The following information has been added or changed:
• Stale dated direct vendor checks must be replaced by the Job Center instead of by Bureau of Reconciliation and Control (BORAC).
• The following forms have had the HRA logo updated: W-146A, W-146A (S), W-147FF, W-147Y, W-270 and W-400B. The following forms have had the HRA logo updated and have undergone minor changes such as added phone numbers and acronyms spelled out: M-160j, M-325t, M-325t (S), M-325t(S), 146A, W-146A(S), W-147, W-147(S), and W-147L.


Created: 7/14/2011
Updated: 7/14/2011