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Documents: 2011 Policy Bulletins

#11-62-OPE: The New York City Children's Services Cash Assistance Support And Policy Unit (CASP)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform all staff involved in processing childcare about the creation of the New York City Children's Services/ACS Cash Assistance Support and Policy Unit (CASP).

Due to an ACS re-organization, ACS/NYC Children's Services staff will no longer be assigned to work in Job Centers. CASP has been established to continue to assist HRA staff with processing childcare by providing childcare information, updates, and assistance. The CASP unit will respond to childcare questions by phone and email (see Attachment A for CASP contact information). CASP will provide immediate assistance whenever possible.
The CASP unit will provide the following information/assistance to HRA Staff:
• Perform child care agency transfers (change ACCIS care from ACS to HRA)
• Provide pertinent child care information
• Provide child care updates (fees, market rates, regulations, capacity, etc.)
• Answer eligibility, enrollment, and policy questions
• Assist with ACCIS transactions/requests.


Created: 7/8/2011