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Documents: 2011 Policy Bulletins

#11-45-OPE: The Temporary Home Visit Needed/Homebound Status Request Process
(This Policy Bulletin replaces PB #11-28-OPE)
This policy bulletin is being revised to:
• clarify that Home Visit Needed (HVN)/Homebound (HB) status requests are not limited to application and recertification appointments and may be requested at any time that an applicant/participant is unable to appear in-person to conduct agency-related business where no other accommodation is reasonably viable (such as mail, fax, phone or authorized representative, etc) to meet the individual's needs;
• include information about referrals from the Department of Homeless Services (DHS);
• update the contact information of the Non Cash Assistance Food Stamp (NCA FS) Central Office staff;
• include information about how to proceed if an individual refuses to sign the Authorization for Release of Health Information (CAS-101);
• inform staff that the Determination of Home Visit Needed/Homebound Status Form (FIA-1028a) has been revised to include a six-month temporary HVN/HB status determination;
• clarify information on the Home Visit Needed/Homebound Process Forms Guide (Attachment A);
• include a new NYCWAY Action Codes for the Home Visit Needed (HVN)/Homebound (HB) Process Desk Guide (Attachment B); and
• inform staff that the Job Center Director’s Designee is responsible for ensuring that completed HVN/HB packets are in the OneViewer before sending the request to Customized Assistance Services (CAS).


Created: 5/26/2011