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Documents: 2011 Policy Directives

#11-11-EMP: TALX/The Work Number Service
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #10-40-EMP)

This policy directive is being revised to:
• indicate that for every TALX inquiry, the Job Center and NCA FS staff must list each case on the TALX/The Work Number Express Services Data Sheet (W-500QQ).
• indicate that NCA FS staff must calculate and save a new budget when there is a TALX hit on a NCA FS case.
• inform staff that the information for CA and NCA recerts can be obtained by selecting TALX file from the Tools menu in POS.
• update the Food Stamps (FS) Implications section to include a reference to the Transitional Benefits Alternative (TBA).
• update the Medicaid Implications section to define what happens when a Cash Assistance (CA) case is closed.
• inform staff that TALX/The Work Number Service has implemented a new login process that involves two new login screens, and update Attachment A to show the new login screens in addition to the new "permissible purpose" screen for TALX/The Work Number Service users.


Created: 4/19/2011