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Documents: 2010 Policy Directives

#10-37-ELI: Eligibility Of Victims Of Severe Forms Of Trafficking In Persons
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #03-30-ELI)
This policy directive is being revised to:
• update the terminology from Public Assistance (PA) to Cash Assistance (CA) throughout.
• inform staff about the New York State Anti-Trafficking Statute (Chapter 74 of the Laws of 2007).
• provide information concerning the processing of state-confirmed human trafficking victims (HTVs) in accordance with their citizenship/immigration status.
• provide information concerning the position of the Human Resources Administration (HRA) Human Trafficking Liaison.
• provide separate processing instructions for NCA FS Centers.
• update the Paperless Office System (POS) process and the manual process to reflect the activation of Alien Citizenship Indicator (ACI) code "D" for federally-certified HTV.
• update the listing of Local Voluntary Agencies (Attachment A).


Created: 11/8/2010