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Documents: 2010 Policy Bulletins

#10-94-SYS: Offer Of Begin Referral For Participants Without HS Diploma Or GED
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform Job Center staff that a process has been developed in NYCWAY to prompt Workers to offer literacy services for participants with low education levels and to document when such referrals are declined by the participant. When a Begin Employment Gain Independence Now (BEGIN) referral has been accepted, the Employability Plan (EP) will post Action Code 124W (BEGIN Work Study). When a BEGIN referral has been declined, the EP will post a new Action Code, 12BD (BEGIN Referral Declined) prior to allowing an alternative assignment.
Effective immediately, staff should offer the BEGIN program to participants who are non-exempt from work requirements and do not have a High School Diploma or GED.
To show that an offer was made, but declined, the EP has been modified.
When initiating a new EP for a non-exempt participant, the Worker will navigate through the screens to the Training Assessment Questionnaire screen.


Created: 9/16/2010