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Documents: 2010 Policy Directives

#10-30-OPE: Clarification Regarding Computer Matches
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #10-24-OPE) This policy directive is being revised to:
• state that the Individual Case Report in the Human Resources Administration (HRA) OneViewer will display information about the other U.S. state corresponding to Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS)matches.
• state that when an individual re-applies for NCA FS after his/her case has been found on a PARIS match, the other state on the PARIS match must be contacted to verify that assistance in the other state has been discontinued.
• state that line removal actions for PARIS matches on Cash Assistance (CA) cases will be handled by the Investigation, Revenue and Enforcement Administration (IREA)/ Division of Financial Review and Processing (DFRP).
• state that line removal actions for PARIS matches on NCA FS cases will be handled by the Special Projects Change Food Stamp Center (F25).
• state that closing codes N66 (Duplicate Assistance, Non-AFIS Interstate) and N67 (Duplicate Assistance, Paris Match) will no longer be available for Job Center use.
•announce a change in the text of the Client Notices System CNS) notice associated with CA and FS closings using closing codes N67 and N66.
• introduce the new Front End Detection System (FEDS) Code 89 (PARIS Match—Active Recipient in Another State; Current Status Unresolved), to be used in the Maintaining and Preparing Executive Reports (MAPPER) system. Code 89 will appear for cases that closed due to a PARIS match and are currently unresolved, and will be visible to the JOS/Worker at the time of referral to the Bureau of Eligibility Verification (BEV).
• announce that the Computer Match Processing Desk Guide Form (W-200A) has been revised to note the correct procedure when DFRP is unable to process the computer match information for CA cases.


Created: 9/16/2010