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Documents: 2010 Policy Bulletins

#10-74-OPE: Revisions To The Cash Assistance Budget Computation (W-648) Form
(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #10-22-OPE)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to advise Job Center staff that the Cash Assistance Budget Computation (W-648) form has been reformatted to allow for automated calculations and revised as follows:
• To provide updated instructions for the budgeting requirements for child support/combined child and spousal support income and alimony/spousal support only income.
• To clarify the language that indicates the higher level for the restaurant allowance must be applied to full-time students expected to complete the education or training program before reaching age 19.
• To prompt the user to make a determination of the appropriate Cash Assistance (CA) Shelter Allowance.
• To advise staff that the figures provided in the 2009 Poverty Guidelines Look-Up Chart will continue in effect until further notice.


Created: 8/6/2010