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Documents: 2009 Policy Directives

#09-41-SYS: Resource File Integration (RFI)
(This Policy Directive Replaces CD #96-108)

Non-exempt income and resources must be used to eliminate or reduce the need for Cash Assistance (CA), Food Stamps (FS), and Medical Assistance (MA) benefits and conserve public funds through assignment and recovery.

As a condition of CA eligibility, applicants/participants are required to use available resources and to apply for, as well as pursue, potentially available resources. Non-exempt income such as employment income, Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), etc. must be budgeted to determine CA, FS, and MA eligibility. Applicants for, or participants of, CA, FS, and/or MA must not exceed the income/resource limits. All resources (if any) must be evaluated to determine whether they are countable towards the resource limit or exempt. The resource test is not applied to individuals categorically eligible for FS.



Created: 7/5/2010