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Documents: 2009 Policy Bulletins

#09-97-EMP: Revisions To The Employment Daily Timekeeping System (DTS)

This just in from HRA and it looks like a nightmare.  This PD is about the Employment Daily Timekeeping System that vendors use to record hours for WEP, BTW, BEGIN and ADVENT.  The time keeping system is now being used to automatically infract clients with no attendance entered, only unexcused hours for the week, or four or more unexcused hours. (p.2, para. 1)  But note that the PD is internally inconsistent -- because the Attachment to the PD says the system will infract a client with just 3 hours of unexcused hours (vs. 4).  (See Attachment A (at pdf p. 10) ("Note: Whenever a participant has more than three hours in unexcused hours the system will post an infraction. ")  This PD also instructs Fair hearing staff that they can and should use the printouts as evidence at fair hearings.  The PD also has a few other gems -- to keep handy to defend a case:  the very last line of the document (last line in Attachment A says: 


The schedule accuracy can be affected by system down time.   !!!!!!!


Here are more highlights:


From page 2 of this PD:


The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform all staff about updates to the Employment DTS and to alert staff that the system is now being used to infract participants who fail to meet their attendance requirements. …


...The Employment DTS is mainly used by Family Independence Administration (FIA) authorized programs such as BTW vendors, the Work Experience Program (WEP), Begin Employment and Gain Independence Now (BEGIN), and Anti-Domestic Violence Eligibility Needs Team (ADVENT). All authorized Staff and designated regional staff began using the system to track employment activities on May 5, 2008.


The PD also reminds FH and conciliation staff at p. 7


FH&C and Conciliation staff should be aware that there are three categories of timekeeping infractions:

 -no attendance hours entered (zero hours);

 -only unexcused hours that were entered for that week's required hours; or

 -four or more unexcused hours entered.


Employment DTS maintains a history of excused and unexcused absences. FH&C and Conciliation staff should also be aware that BTW vendors are required to scan absence verification documents and Workers should:

access the HRA OneViewer to research relevant attendance related documents to be included along with the Employment DTS attendance information for a fair hearing. Workers should also be aware that screens in Employment DTS can be printed and presented as evidence for fair hearing purposes. (emphasis added)



Created: 9/2/2009
Updated: 9/2/2009