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Documents: 2009 Policy Bulletins

#09-62-SYS: NYCWAY Updates - New Action Codes
New York City Work, Accountability and You (NYCWAY) is updated< on a regular basis to make the system more helpful to users and to reflect current policy. The purpose of this policy bulletin is to infor Job Center staff of the following updates made to NYCWAY:
The following action codes have been developed for the Fair Hearing Conference process.
*73DF (Request to Reconsider Default Action)
*73DG (Request to Re-open case is Granted)
*73DD (Request to Re-open case is Denied)
*70CM (FH Employment Conference)
*70CL (FH Eligibility Conference)
*70CB (FH Employment/Eligibility Conference)
*70CS (FH Conference: Sent to Control)
*70CN (FH Conference: No Action Required)
*70CX (FH Conference Expired) autoposts on case when open action code is present for more than 2 days
*11FH (Referral from FH&C for Eligibility Assessment)
*11FK (Referral from FH&C for Eligibility Assessment Kept)


Created: 7/23/2009
Updated: 7/23/2009