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Documents: 2009 Policy Bulletins

#09-66-OPE: Revisions To The Letter Of Introduction To OCSE (M-384)
(This Policy Bulletin Obsoletes CD #92-37)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to notify all Job Center staff that the Letter of Introduction to OCSE (M-384) form has been restructured to accommodate the Paperless Office System (POS) and provide directions for using the form through POS. The revisions include the following:
- The title of the form has been changed from Letter of Introduction to OCSE to Appointment Notice.
- The demographic information, including all Cash Assistance (CA) Applicant/Participant information and Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) information, has been eliminated. All demographic information can now be accessed through POS.
- The Interview Report by OCSE and the Response by Family Independence Administration (FIA) on page 1 have also been eliminated.
- Important Information About Your OCSE Interview on page 2 has been consolidated.
- The revised form is now one page in length and includes appointment information, a space for travel directions, and incorporates information from page 2 of the original form.
- There is now a space beneath the interview scheduling information for the name(s) of the noncustodial parent(s) of the child(ren).


Created: 6/27/2009
Updated: 7/9/2009