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Documents: 2009 Policy Directives

#09-20-ELI: District Of Fiscal Responsibility
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #04-28-ELI)

Each Social Services District within the State of New York is financially responsible for providing public benefits to eligible applicants who legally reside within its boundaries. This includes, in some instances, residents who are temporarily or permanently residing in another district and who apply for public benefits in that district.

When CA/FS participants move on their own to another district within the State of New York and continue to be eligible for benefits, the "move from" district continues to provide CA and FS benefits during the month of the move and the month following the month of the move. CA households must continue to receive CA benefits from the "move from" district under DFR for reasons of medical facility, placement, or temporary absence rules, but the "move from" district is not required to continue to provide FS benefits to these households.




Created: 5/29/2009
Updated: 7/9/2009