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Documents: 2009 Policy Directives

#09-17-ELI: Revisions To The Food Stamp Telephone Recertification Initiative
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #08-42-ELI)

This policy directive has been revised as follows:
• Corrected erroneous form number references to the Food Stamp Telephone Recertification Brochure (BRC-901D).
• Revised instructions on the Incomplete Food Stamp Recertification Form (W-901F) to emphasize that the participant is required to sign page 5 of the recertification application.
• Removed instructions to generate the Request for Contact on a Food Stamp Application (W-119) form when the participant is required to provide missing documentation, as this form is not used for recertifications.
• Revised instructions for when the participant has not provided the required signature on page 5 of the Food Stamp Benefits Application/Recertification (LDSS-4826) form during the recertification interview.
• Provided information on the three different methods of conducting the Food Stamp recertification interview.
• Removed instructions for handling recertification packets returned as undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service, as these packets will be processed by the Mail Processing Unit.
• Included new automated process of moving deferred cases to the MPU Deferred Recert queue upon printing of the Documentation Requirements and/or Assessment Follow-Up (W-113K) form.


Created: 5/22/2009