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Documents : Sample PPPL Requests

PPPL Request to OTDA for Recoupment Data on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) [formerly known as Food Stamp (FS)] benefits.


SNAP recoupments are similar to Public Assistance (PA) recoupments. See http://onlineresources.wnylc.net/FairHearingResources/showquestion.asp?faq=17&fldAuto=278.

Each SNAP recoupment is automatically assigned a Recoupment Identification number (RTI #) by WMS. These nine-digit RTI #s consist of eight numbers, followed by a letter (e.g., 01234567Z). Recoupments are also coded by type of overpayment, such as agency error or intentional program violation.

WMS can produce a variety of reports on current SNAP recoupments as well as recoupments that have been completed in the past or that will be initiated in the future. These WMS reports include:

FS Recoupment - Case Summary (NQCS9A), which lists the following case level data:

- Total number of SNAP recoupments for each case suffix [Note: if two or more PA recipients are related and reside in the same household, a separate suffix for each recipient is assigned to a common case number]

- Total amount of SNAP overpayments for each suffix

- Total recoupment balance for each suffix (i.e., the amount remaining to be collected)

- Grand Totals for each of the above categories for all suffixes combined.

FS Recoupment - Suffix Summary (NQCS9R), which includes such suffix level data as:

- each RTI #

- each "offense date" (i.e., the date the recoupment determination was made)

- each recoupment type (e.g., agency error, intentional program violation), and "offense" type and sub-type,

- the status of each recoupment (e.g., active, suspended, deleted, completed)

- the total amount and remaining balance of each recoupment

Suffix Recoupment Detail (NQCS9C), which provides a wealth of data for a particular RTI #.

Recoupment History (NQCS9F), which lists the payment activity for a particular RTI # (i.e., to which RTI # was the FS benefits recovered for a specific payment cycle assigned)

Recoupment Adjustment Ledger (NQCS9D), which documents the "reassignment" from one RTI # to another of the amount of SNAP benefits recovered (e.g., if a Fair Hearing Decision reverses a recoupment, the SNAP benefits already recovered may be assigned to another outstanding recoupment).

Archive Retrieval Recoupment History and Recoupment Ledger (WINR0713), which contains all archived recoupment data stored on computer tapes.

Sample copies of these WMS FS recoupment reports, with explanations, are available at: http://onlineresources.wnylc.net/FairHearingResources/docs/wms_fs_recoupment_reports.pdf.

Note: These WMS reports still refer to FS instead of SNAP.


A household has received multiple SNAP overpayment notices. You need precise information on each of these alleged SNAP overpayments and their recoupment from the household's ongoing FS benefits.

Your PPPL request to OTDA might seek:

All data in your agency's possession pertaining to all alleged overpayments of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits received by the household of [recipient's name], including but not limited to all information on all efforts to recover the alleged overpayments through recoupment of SNAP benefits.

I believe that such data is stored on New York State's Welfare Management System (WMS) and is available in the following report formats, or their equivalents:

• "FS Recoupment - Case Summary" Report (NQCS9A),
• "FS Recoupment - Suffix Summary" Report (NQCS9R),
• "Suffix Recoupment Detail" Report (NQCS9C) for each recoupment identification number (RTI #),
• "Recoupment History" Report (NQCS9F) for each RTI #,
• "Recoupment Adjustment Ledger" Report (NQCS9D), and/or
• "Archive Retrieval Recoupment History and Recoupment Ledger" Report (WINR0713).



Created: 7/6/2008
Updated: 12/8/2015