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Documents : HELP with PPPL Requests

The Committee on Open Government (COOG) of the New York State Department of State

Some helpful PPPL materials are available on the COOG website at: http://www.dos.ny.gov/coog/index.html.

A limited number of COOG's FOIL Advisory Opinions address the PPPL and can be found on this web page: http://www.dos.ny.gov/coog/foil_listing/findex.html.

A small number of judicial decisions pertaining to the PPPL are also intermixed with FOIL decisions in COOG's annually prepared case law index and summary, which can be downloaded by clicking on this link: http://www.dos.ny.gov/coog/caselaw_foil.html.

Copies of unreported decisions listed in this index may be obtained by making a FOIL request to the COOG at: http://www.dos.ny.gov/about/contact.asp?DCode=FOIL#emailcontact.



Created: 7/5/2008
Updated: 12/8/2015