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Documents : State Fair Hearing Statutes

State Administrative Procedure Act, Article 3 - Adjudicatory Proceedings

This file contains Article 3 of the State Administrative Procedure Act, which is current through June 17, 2008 and which consists of the following sections:

§ 301. Hearings
§ 302. Record
§ 303. Presiding officers
§ 304. Powers of presiding officers
§ 305. Disclosure
§ 306. Evidence
§ 307. Decisions, determinations and orders

All of New York's laws are available on the web site of the New York State Assembly at: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/lawssrch.cgi?NVLWO:@LLSOS.



Created: 6/30/2008
Updated: 9/13/2017