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December 23, 1988 Letter to P.O.O.R from Susan V. Demers (Recodification of 18 NYCRR Part 358: Assessment of Public Comments)

Accompanying this letter from Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel Susan V. Demers is the New York State Department of Social Services (NYSDSS) "Assessment of Public Comments" concerning the most recent "recodification of 18 NYCRR Part 358."

    "Written comments were received from four advocate groups and eight social services districts. In addition, appropriate legal staff of the Department had a number of meetings with an advisory committee comprising legal advocates and local agency attorneys, which provided extensive comments and aided substantially in the development of the final regulation. All comments were carefully reviewed and many changes were made in response to the comments. This assessment describes the most significant comments."


Created: 6/1/2008
Updated: 6/1/2008